Whitchurch Lodge's fees vary depending on Single Room or Shared Room occupancy. Fees are per person per week, payable four weeks in advance. Some or all of the fees may be met by the Local Authority.

Fees include all care and accommodation costs, food and drink, heating and lighting, all laundry done on the premises and any other services staff provide. Service users are expected to pay from their personal allowance or private income for personal items such as newspapers, magazines, toiletries, clothes, any minicabs used for personal trips out and for additional services provided at Whitchurch Lodge such as hairdressing and private chiropody, personal telephone calls other than those made locally and dry cleaning. Residents are free to make their own arrangements for buying in such services.

Fees will be reviewed every year or more often if it is necessary to make changes to a service plan.

The home also has visits from the Health Authority chiropodist, a very good optician and a mobile dentist. Whilst the optician and dentist will carry out checkups for all Service Users who require their services, dependent on individual circumstances ,there could be a charge. Service users or their families would be informed of the cost before any work is undertaken.

Service Users moving into the home from a local area may wish to keep their own G.P.. Whitchurch Lodge does have a very good G.P. Practice who will look after a Service User should they wish to register with them. The Residential Team of District Nurses take care of a number of other areas of health care in the home. They are based in Harrow.

For details of our current fee structure please call us on 020 8952 5777.

“I am so glad that my bungalow was sold. I didn’t want to go back there to live as I felt so lonely. This is my home now and the people here are so kind. They are all my friends"
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